First ever FIFA World Cup was play during the northern autumn (Winter) Every World Cup prior to 2022 has been held in May, June, or July

First World Cup held in the Arab World and the second World Cup was held in Asia after South Korea and Japan.

Say goodbye to 32 teams because The next World Cup played across Canada, Mexico and the United States will have 48 teams

History Most compact World Cup All of the stadiums are built within a 55-kilometer radius of central Doha 

History's first carbon-neutral World Cup involves renewable energy solutions, energy, and water-efficient stadium use

First-ever fully Demountable World Cup stadium built in Qatar uses 974 shipping containers Stadium 974 will be dismantled after World Cup

most expensive World Cup ever in history The total spend by the host Qatar is estimated at around US$220 billion also Up to US$10 billion spent on each stadium

Qatar is the Smallest host country With a population of 3 million and a land area of 11,570 square meters Qatar creates record smallest host country on record

First female referees use in men’s FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 this happen in the first time female referees will officiate men’s World Cup matches

First trophy tour to visit all qualified nations the trophy has visited 51 countries and territories For the first time ever in football history