Shira Haas as Sabra a mutant Mossad agent in Marvel Universe character that has caused some measure of controversy

Captain America New World Order centered on Sam Wilson's iteration of the titular superhero and Shira Haas work this movie

When asked about the issue by The New York Times Marvel Studios declined to answer about Shira Hass in the movie

filmmakers are taking a new view with the character Sabra who was first introduced in the comics over 40 years ago

The controversy surrounding Sabra's inclusion is rooted in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in this movie actress is from israeli

There are concerns that by introducing Sabra the MCU would potentially appear to glorify Israel in the MCU movie

The New York Times also noted in article name Sabra has two very different connotations for Israeli Jews and Palestinians

Haas' casting was announced at D23 this year and Marvel Studios also unveiled the upcoming film's new logo