Squid Game

While travelers and various other TTRPG characters are usually a lot more ideal players than the contestants in Squid Game

The Good Place

In a game inspired by The Good Place, death would be well and truly behind them in a TTRPG campaign

Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass tackles the principles of misdirected idea, horror, as well as inevitable catastrophe with the view of a small town

Bee And Puppycat

bee and Puppycat world is very comparable to the real-world viewers live in yet is simply a couple of actions eliminated from it

Our Flag Means Death

Fans love recent HBO Max series Our Flag Means Death for its irreverent whimsical take on historical tales of piracy

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

the effective magic of alchemy has been completely normalized It is considered as a skillset like any other

Over The Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall the two main protagonists are lost in a world beyond their understanding


Powerless started with an excellent premise a glimpse into the lives of ordinary people in an extraordinary world

Adventure Time

Adventure Time bears a surprising resemblance to a classic high-fantasy TTRPG campaign in terms of basic building blocks