Zero introduced its new DSR/X an electric adventure bike and almost everything has been subtly changed for on/off-road capability

the battery pack is new and built around Farasis automotive lithium-ion pouch cells With a nominal capacity of 17.3kWh

According to Zero CTO Abe Askenazi Zero DSR/X with the standard battery pack can go 75 miles at 70 mph

ZERO DSR/X steering head has been tipped out for more rake and trail its frame has been strengthened 

DSR/X gives the best ground clearance in the adventure bike world Showa suspension gives 7.5 inches of space at both ends

Zero DSR/X torque increase came to a reduction in peak power from 110 horse power to an even 100 horse power

Zero DSR/X Comes as accessories spoked wheels with tubeless Pirelli Rally STR tires for more off-road capability